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We offer online Trauma Aware Teacher Trainings in Breathwork, Meditation and Yin Yoga.

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‚ÄúLucy and Rachel are a Pandora's box of knowledge and wisdom. The take away from this course goes beyond the breath itself, I've been able to deepen my healing and manifest my dream career.‚ÄĚ

Alice, Breath Coach Training Alumni

"Learning from Rachel and Lucy through The Whole Health Project has been a truly inspiring, empowering and healing experience. I've filled so many gaps in my knowledge of meditation and its vast amount of benefits and am so excited to share this with my clients! I've also gained a better understanding of how to build my business - their guidance has been invaluable. Joining the WHP is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thank you."

Isla Ure, Meditation Teacher Training Alumni

"This has been amazing and inspiring, and has opened up my mind to the possibilities of sharing and helping more people other than just the local city."

Paul Barnat, Breath Coach Training Alumni

"Lucy and Rachel will take you on a journey of self-discovery as well as providing the tools for you to deepen your knowledge of Yin Yoga encompassing the beautiful benefits of this practice on the mind and body. Doing the Yin Yoga TT online with Rachel and Lucy has been an insightful and valuable journey."

Brittany McConnell, Yin Yoga Teacher Training Alumni

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Discover the vast scope and benefits of breathwork and become a transformative Breath Coach.


Do you want to deepen your own meditation practice and learn how to confidently teach others?


An educational and transformative experience. You will deepen your practice as you gain the tools to embody and teach Yin Yoga.


Are you wanting to have a better idea what trauma is, how it can show up in your clients and students, and how to support them within your role as a coach, teacher or facilitator?


Do you want to experience, embody & coach transformational breath practices?

Discover the vast scope and benefits of breathwork and become a transformative Breath Coach.


An educational and transformative experience. You will deepen your practice as you gain the tools to embody and teach Yin Yoga.


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Looking to confidently create & sell your own profitable online course so you can serve and reach a wider audience with less effort, while also smartly leveraging your time and money? 



Ready to fully step into CEO role of your own thriving coaching business? 

The Abundant Coach Mastermind is our 4 month personal and business upgrade. This is a step-by-step process that gives you the tools, insight and wisdom to create a premium coaching or healing offer that sustainable and scaleable.


Meet Lucy Foster-Perkins and Rachel Fearnley - founders of The Whole Health Project


Hi, we're Rachel and Lucy!

After our sell-out retreats in Bali were forced to close during the pandemic, Rachel and I were left scratching our heads. There we were, with no income and no business, stuck on a tropical island.  What to do?!

We put our thinking caps on and turned to our extensive experience of teaching Breathwork, Meditation and Yin Yoga across the world to create our first online teacher training - our Online Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training.  It was a huge hit and our students asked us to create more -  The Whole Health Project was born and we haven't looked back.   

With an emphasis on understanding how Trauma Aware Facilitation can be the key to helping clients integrate healing and reach their goals, our teacher trainings are a direct response to the biggest challenges Rachel and I saw our students have - burnout, overwhelm and disconnection.

Find out more about our 35 Hour Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training here, 35 Hour Trauma Aware Meditation Teacher Training here and 60 Hour Trauma Aware Yin Yoga Teacher Training here. Or take our Trauma Aware Facilitation Training as a stand alone training here.

As well as teachers, coaches and business owners, Rachel and I are both mothers who value space and freedom, time in nature and connection with our families and friends. 

We're delighted to have you here and hope you might be able to enjoy one of our free workshops or masterclasses, or join one of our Trauma Aware Online Teacher Trainings to support you integrate these teaching for your own journey and to help facilitate a deeper impact and healing for your clients and students.

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