Solo Practitioner to Thriving Wellness Entrepreneur - 4 Month Mastermind

Calling all Health and Wellness Practitioners, Teachers and Coaches.

Lucy and Rachel invite you to join them for their 4 month Mastermind Program, starting 21st November, for both a personal and business transformation to set you up for $5k USD months.

This is for any wellness practitioner/teacher/coach who's really ready to do "the work", to break through your glass ceilings, streamline your wellness offerings and business, and to have a bigger impact on your clients and communities.

Want to know if the Mastermind Program is for you?

Start by asking yourself these questions;

Are you earning what you want to earn from your wellness offerings?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know how to grow your wellness business (and even the thought of it makes you feel exhausted?!)

Are you being paid per hour for your classes/privates/sessions/therapies and don’t know how to increase your income without exhausting yourself?

Do you know that you’re ready to smash through your current glass ceilings and make a bigger impact for your clients, students and community?

If your answers look something like this; “No, Yes, Yes, YES!” then let's change that! Join us for a 4 month transformation to create more abundance, more ease, greater impact and more joy in your life and business.

Hi, it’s Lucy here!

Let me talk you through our Mastermind Program…

Start Date; 21st November 2020
Duration; 4 months, plus two weeks off over Christmas.

Rachel and I have created this intimate group coaching experience to help you to scale your wellness business to $5k+ per month.

The mastermind is both a business and personal transformation. This is import to remember. We’ll not only be guiding you through the foundations of creating an authentic, clear and heartfelt brand (including streamlining your offerings and systems) but we’ll also help you uncover your blind spots around abundance and any perceived glass ceilings that are keeping you from taking your business to the next level.

Rachel and I have experienced our biggest breakthroughs when we've done both the personal "inner" work,  as well as set up our businesses based on heart-felt offerings and clear systems, to give us more ease and space in our lives.

This Mastermind Program is where we pass this ALL on to you.

A little about us...

Collectively, Rachel and I have 18 years of experience in the health and wellness world. We’ve started with small brands and grown a 6 figure retreat business.

We’ve got it wrong in the past and we’ve got it (very) right. We’ve gone from being burnt out and overwhelmed to creating (and celebrating) the lives and businesses we love.

What's even more exciting is that through doing this work we've created a huge impact on our clients and communities.
We’ve travelled the world doing what we love, hosted sell-out retreats and teacher trainings,
launched successful online course and created beautiful lives here in Bali.

In short, together we’ve got a healthy amount of experience and we want to pass it on to you so you can expand your impact and celebrate the money you receive as a result.

How the Mastermind works:

Over the 4 months you’ll be building your brand, community and offerings, as well diving
into your own personal development, to create the foundations for you to create $5k USD
income from your wellness business.

Each month we’ll guide you through tasks, teachings and insights through live group calls, recorded videos and in our private Facebook Group. You’ll be doing the work at home, but we’ll be there the whole way, along with the supportive group of fellow wellness practitioners.

We’ll give you the tools to create a brand and business that you’re proud of and that best
represents your offerings and your story. We’ll show you how to elevate your offerings and services
and will help to uncover your blindspots when it comes to abundance and embodying the successful wellness entrepreneur that you know you want to become.

Here are some of this things we’ll cover:


​Building a brand that conveys your message and storytelling

​Setting up systems and structures - to give you more time to do what you’re good at and love

​Optimising your website

​Growing your support team


How to up-level your offerings

​Pricing your services

​Soulful and authentic sales

Community building and events

Ideal clients, where to find them and how to creating offerings for them

Setting up the foundations to launch an online course


​Discovering and breaking down blockages around success and abundance

​Self care while growing a business

Overcoming resistance

Truly embodying entrepeurship

Lifting perceived glass ceilings

​And more…

We’re looking for the right people to join us in this experience

If you're resonate with the below then let's have a chat;

You’re ready to make consistent money in their wellness business.

You want to take the leap from being a solo practitioner to a thriving wellness business

You want to find a smarter (not harder) way to work

You’re ready to really do the work on your mindset and break through the limiting beliefs you hold about what you are capable of doing

Willing to be part of an evolutionary mastermind, to receive and offer support from your peers

We're looking for committed, passionate wellness teachers, coaches and/or practitioners to take this journey with us. If you know you're ready to really transform in your business and personal life then let us show you how.

We also require you to...

  • Already have a website of some sort (can be basic) or be willing to create one / have someone else create one for you
  • ​​You’re willing to be on social media and show up on social media. This means doing videos and sharing your own insights & personal stories via video / posts
  • ​You’re ready, willing and able to show up and do the work
  • You have at least 1 years of experience in your wellness practice
  • ​You have some existing clients or potential clients
  • ​​You can dedicate around 12 hours a week to the mastermind over the 4 months. Some weeks will be more and some will be less 

Practical Details;

Starting Date - 21st November

4 Months with 2 weeks off over Christmas

Personal guidance, feedback and support from both Lucy and Rachel for 4 months!

Weekly calls with Rachel and/or Lucy plus pre-recorded content for you to watch in your own time

Weekly tasks and focuses

Additional support from the small, intimate group of fellow wellness practitioners who, like you, are lifting their game and creating a business and life that is connected to their purpose and soul.

Want to check to see if this Mastermind Program is right for you and your business? Let's have a chat.

Book an Alignment Call with either Rachel or me today and we can assess where you're and whether our program is right for you.


This Mastermind is not for you if...

  • You are looking for a magic pill that will grow your business
  • Don't have at least 12 hours p/week to invest
  • Are not ready to break through your own limiting stories as to why you are not where you want to be
  • You refuse to be on social media
  • You don’t like to receive feedback and to offer support to others in a group environment

We are so excited to take you on this journey. We know the teachings and insight we’ll be sharing with you will have such a positive ripple effect for your life, your family and friends, community and your clients!

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