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Are you wanting to have a better idea what trauma is, how it can show up in your clients and students, and how to support them within your role as a coach, teacher or facilitator?



TRAUMA AWARE FACILITATION TRAINING with Rachel Fearnley and Lucy Foster-Perkins (co-founders of The Whole Health Project) and clinical psychologist Lic. Begoña García.


This training is online and spread over 3 modules which can be watched and digested in your own time.  It can either be purchased as a standalone training or, if you join any of The Whole Health Project's online practitioner trainings (25 Hour Breath Coach Training, 25 Hour Meditation Teacher Training and Yin Yoga Teacher Training) you will automatically get access to the training.





**The Trauma Aware Facilitation training is also included in The Whole Health Project’s 25 Hour Online Breath Coach Training, 25 Hour Online Meditation Teacher Training and 50 Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Click on each training to find out more. 

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What is Trauma Aware Facilitation?

Trauma, and being trauma aware and trauma sensitive, is finally getting the attention it needs in yoga classes, healing spaces, coaching sessions, the workplace and in our communities. 

It’s now being widely recognised that we all experience trauma, but how it shows up, how we can recognise it and how we can support ourselves and our students or clients is different for everyone.

So, without doing years of study as a therapist or trauma specialist, how can you, as a facilitator, yoga teacher, coach or healer, support your students and clients in a trauma aware way? 

This question is the reason why we created this Trauma Aware Facilitation training.

Sabrina Tischer

"I really loved the program! It was so detailed and well explained, so much new information! As a coach, it is really important to have this knowledge about trauma and all that was covered in this program! I’m so happy that I did that, it will help me a lot in my work as a coach!"

Sheila Stephens

"This training is so well done. It goes into great detail without ever feeling boring or not applicable to the course. The presenters are concise and very knowledgeable in this subject matter."

Claudia Urdaneta

"This training is incredibly valuable!! I feel more prepared as a coach, with greater empathy for my clients and students, and better able to support them. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be a more effective coach, I'm already using what I learned in the training!"

Imagine a world where trauma is better understood and where there is more compassion and support in our schools, families, among friends and in our communities to heal…

If you’ve been wondering;

  • What is the difference between being trauma aware, trauma sensitive and trauma informed?
  • Trauma seems to be a minefield. How can I minimise the risk of triggering one of my students?
  • What is the basic protocol if one of my students or clients are triggered while they’re with me?
  • How do I recognise trauma in clients and students?
  • How do I recognise trauma in myself?
  • What are the different types of trauma and how do they show up?
  • What practices can I use to support my own regulation and what practices can I offer my students?

… then this course is for you. 


Brittney McKinley

"This training was much needed especially in the current environment we are in the world with many people who are unwell and unhealed. As a coach, I feel I now have the tools to provide more support, knowledge, and understanding to my clients, along with practices I can use in my daily life to support my own personal journey."

Stephanie Norby

"This training was so in-depth and thought-provoking ...Rachel, Lucy and Begoña did an amazing job detailing what trauma is, how it affects the body, what signs/symptoms we should be aware of and how we can show support as a facilitator (plus so much more, seriously!). I am walking away with a newfound appreciation for the human experience and a list of ways I can integrate trauma awareness practices into my sessions. Thank you so much, ladies!"

Fabiola Falcone

"I really loved this training, a lot of useful and practical information. It inspired me to be a better teacher and be more aware of the inner world of my students. Hope to create a safer place during my class. Human beings are so amazing and with compassion and empathy maybe we can create a better world. Thanks to Rachel, Lucy and Begona for sharing their wisdom and creating this amazing course."




**The Trauma Aware Facilitation training is also available with The Whole Health Project’s 25 Hour Online Breath Coach Training, 25 Hour Online Meditation Teacher Training and 50 Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Click on each training to find out more.

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Through this Trauma Aware Facilitation training you’ll gain an overview of what trauma is, how it can impact you or your clients and students, how to spot it and what you can do to minimise the risk of triggering trauma in a client or student. 


This course will also help you to identify when and how you can offer support to a student or client, and when they might need more specific support from a therapist or specialist so that you remain in integrity to your role as a teacher, coach or facilitator.  We will also discuss how you can recognise trauma in yourself and give some simple practices to support your own healing and regulation.


Trauma Aware Facilitation Training is a standalone training for coaches, teachers, healers and facilitators who want to better understand trauma and how to have trauma aware facilitation.  The training is also included in our 25 Hour Online Breath Coach Training, 25 Hour Online Meditation Teacher Training and 50 Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


How will it be delivered?


The course is the recording of the live and online delivery of the training, which took place over 3 days, with each module delivered on each day. 

As soon as you sign up you get instant access to the whole course which you can watch and digest in your own time. 

If you have any questions for Rachel, Lucy or Begoña then you can ask them in the Trauma Aware Facilitation Training Private Facebook Group where we will answer your questions within a couple of days.


What you’ll gain at the end. 


Upon successful completion of the course you’ll gain Trauma Aware Facilitation training certificate.  

Psst. If you’re a Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher and have completed your initial 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training then you can add this Trauma Aware Facilitation training to your YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Providers) qualifications. 

If you’re not a yoga teacher then ignore this bit! It’s just relevant to Yoga Alliance Yoga Teachers and it doesn’t affect you or your ability to gain the certification at the end of the training if you’re not. 

Your facilitators are Rachel Fearnley and Lucy Foster-Perkins, co-founders of The Whole Health Project, and clinical psychologist Lic. Begoña Garcia.

Rachel and Lucy


Rachel and Lucy, co-founders of The Whole Health Project, are deeply passionate about offering teacher trainings in Breathwork, Meditation and Yin Yoga.  


Drawing from their combined experience as yoga teachers, breath coaches, meditation teachers, somatic coaches, teacher trainer and retreat facilitators, Rachel and Lucy felt that creating this Trauma Aware Facilitation training was the essential offering to other teachers and coaches who want to hold a safe space for their own students and clients. 



Lic. Begoña García


Begoña García is a clinical psychologist from Costa Rica.  

As well as offering psychotherapy to her clients, Begoña works as a breath coach and a mindfulness leader.   Through her multi-disciplinary work she is dedicated to creating better awareness and  is passionate about breaking down the stigma of trauma, so that there is more support and empathy for individuals and within communities.

Begoña works with individuals and groups through her private clinic, workshops, trainings and mental health-focused retreats with Adentro Mindfulness. 

Her vision is to educate and inform her clients and other practitioners about the signs and impact of trauma with the aim of creating a more compassionate society that supports a healing space for both the individual and the collective.

Find out more about Begoña and her work at 


$120 USD


The Trauma Aware Facilitation training is also available with The Whole Health Project’s 25 Hour Online Breath Coach Training, 25 Hour Online Meditation Teacher Training and 50 Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Click on each training to find out more.

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