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Rachel and Lucy have created 2 x figure businesses in the wellness industry and have learnt some very useful tools, strategies and insights along the way.  

In addition to their online teacher trainings they have also created a number of business trainings to support other ambitious coaches, teachers and healers to jump start their business, launch their first online course or take their business to the next level. 

Check out each offer below to find out which level of support you're looking for and start the next step of your entrepreneur journey today.

Launch Your First Online Course 


You’re an ambitious and impactful coach, healer or teacher at a crucial stage in your business where you’re ready to offer an online course to your clients around the world.  

But you don’t want to do a half arsed effort - you want your course to have a real impact on your students and clients. You want it to be slick, to be professional.  You want the experience to be something your clients cherish and rave about afterwards! 

Launch Your First Online Course is an easy to follow road map to show you how to create a successful and impactful online course.  We’ve done the hours of trial and error and worked out the systems and processes so you don’t have to.  

We invite you to join us to fast track your timeline to the launch of your first online course.

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90 min VIP Business Analysis and Strategy Session


We recognise that many coaches, healers and teachers, like you, are in the earlier stages of entrepreneurship (or early in putting yourself online) and although you're eager to hit the ground running, investing in a full 3 - 6 month business programme with a business coach may simply just not be an option right now.

Our 90 minute Business Analysis and Strategy Session is a fast track to creating a tangible road map for the next steps in your coaching or teaching business so you can realise your dreams quicker and more easily.

This session is an opportunity for Rachel or Lucy to take a peak inside your business (or business idea if you haven't created on yet) and to understand your deepest desires where you'd like to be in the next 6-12 months, and beyond. Rachel or Lucy will then give you grounded, tangible, actionable steps forward and help point out any necessary energetic tweaks to help you FLOURISH and achieve your goals.

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The Abundant Coach, 3 Month Coaching Program


This 3 month program has been created specifically for ambitious coaches, healers and wellness professionals, like you, who are really ready to take your existing coaching or healing business and turn it into an abundant, sustainable and scalable mini-empire. 

We show you how to streamline your offerings to create a high end, high touch signature one-on-one program and set your business up to scale and flourish. 

The Abundant Coach Mastermind is for coaches and healers who have a long term and ambitious vision for yourself and your business.

We're here to collapse your timeline and give you the tools and building blocks to make the impact and income you desire.

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