Meet Lucy and Rachel

Friends & Founders of The Whole Health Project


Rachel Fearnley

Rachel began her teaching career as a Yoga teacher in 2011 after a decade of working on racing boats around the world.  Swapping boats for Yoga mats was quite a shift, but a needed one, and it wasn't long until she began to teach around the world and build her own surf and Yoga retreat company where she settled in Bali - The Pineapple House. 

Rachel soon moved on to coaching where she became increasingly aware of how her clients and retreat guests were in desperate need of sloooowing down.  This, coupled with her own experience of exhaustion, lead Rachel to explore the deeply healing affects of Breathwork, Yin Yoga and Somatics, along with Ayurveda and Meditation, and sought to be taught by some of the best teachers around the world, including Dan Brule & Stig Severinsen.


A few years into building The Pineapple House Rachel invited Lucy to join her as a co-director where Lucy and Rachel soon started to co-create and facilitate their in-person 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Since COVID hit Rachel has been working almost exclusively online while she continues to enjoy life in Bali with her daughter, Yemaja. 

Rachel's focus as a teacher trainer and as a coach is to support her clients to feel more grounded and to cultivate a deeper, more intimate relationship with our bodies. Furthermore, for those who choose to teach others, Rachel encourages her students to first create safety within their body so that they can better support their own clients. 


Lucy Foster-Perkins

Lucy's first career was as a professional dancer but as the call to the ocean became too strong to ignore she left her dance career to teach Yoga to surfers around the world which ultimately lead her to Bali (and Rachel!).

Lucy and Rachel initially teamed up when Rachel invited Lucy to become the co-owner of Rachel's surf and Yoga retreat company The Pineapple House, Bali. 

After Lucy experienced adrenal fatigue in 2014 Lucy was introduced to Yin Yoga and she instantly recognised that she desperately needed more of a balance between Yin and Yang in her life. Lucy's need for calming practices lead her to deepen her understanding on breathwork and meditation, which lead her to her main meditation teacher, Rupert Spira.

Lucy now lives with her family in London where she is happily embracing 4 seasons and the rugged British outdoors again and exploring the world through her toddler's eyes.


Lucy and Rachel combine their collective 20 years experience of teaching and coaching to co-create and co-teach all the trainings at The Whole Health Project. 


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