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We have adapted this training so that it is "Self-Study" in response to the high demand.

This means you can start straight away and complete the course in your own time within 6 months.

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In this 25 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Breath Coach Training, we've gathered together the most fundamental and impactful breath techniques and practices, from both ancient wisdoms and modern modalities that are accessible for students and clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Having worked in the wellness space for collectively over 18 years, we’ve witnessed the transformational and necessary impact breath practices have had on our students and clients. We wish we'd had a course like this earlier in our career. The power of breathwork allows us to crate a bigger impact for our clients both in-person and online.

We know breathwork is the missing link for so many wellness practitioners which is exactly why we created this training.

Many of our alumni have shared that this course has finally given them the tools to tackle long term anxiety, and others are already creating transformative results in their client’s lives as well. In this course you will first embody and benefit from the breath techniques yourself, then learn how to coach others. 

As well as supporting you to facilitate transformation for your clients, we've also included a BONUS Business Module to empower you create more sustainability and abundance as a wellness professional. We're giving you the tools to hit the ground running so you can see a return on investment as soon as you have completed the course.

Complete the online course in as little as 2 weeks, or you can take up to 6 months. You have the freedom and flexibility to absorb the lectures and practices in bitesize chunks and fit the content around your home and work life. Either way, the exercises you’ll learn will be with you for life!

Though you can take this course at your own pace, our monthly Live Group Q&As, exclusive Facebook Group, and connection with your fellow course participants gives you access to a global community of supportive and revolutionary wellness practitioners and professionals.

We want you to experience these powerful breath teachings for yourself, and we can’t wait for you to join us!



✔️ Complete an accredited Breath Coach Course so that you can facilitate a bigger impact on your clients

✔️ Discover and experience over 20 fundamental breathing techniques and breath practices

✔️ Enjoy the connection and community of an in-person course, but the flexibility and convenience of an online training

✔️ Gain a comprehensive understanding of breathwork and the tools to coach others 

✔️ Integrate breathwork into your current wellness offerings so you can create deeper transformations for your clients

✔️ Learn practical tools to bring in more abundance and financial sustainability through breath coaching

✔️ Improve and maintain your physical and mental health

✔️ Have greater and empowering impact on your community

✔️ Facilitate your own personal healing, growth and transformation

✔️ A variety of fundamental breath practices that are flexible, adaptable and accessible to serve the unique needs that your clients may present  

✔️ Lectures that cover the physiology, energetic and practical aspects of breathwork

✔️ Breath practices from both ancient wisdoms and modern modalities

✔️ In-depth bitesize lectures on each individual breath technique

✔️ Access to a growing global community of impactful breath coaches 

✔️ Pre-recorded practices and lectures for you to watch in your own time to fit around your personal and work life

✔️ Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Group for all Breath Coach Course participants including access and support to Lucy & Rachel + community support from like-minded wellness practitioners


✔️ Access to recordings of all previous live group Q&A's with Rachel and/or Lucy

✔️ Course structure that empowers you to begin developing and practicing your new teaching tools from day 1

✔️ The tools and guidance to develop your personal breath practice to experience emotion and physical shifts for yourself

✔️ Access to over 10 exclusive interviews with wellness practitioners to give you greater insight, inspiration and support in becoming a Breath Coach professional. 

✔️ BONUS BUSINESS MODULE: Support and guidance for taking the first steps in building a sustainable career and wellness business 

✔️ BONUS SUPPORT: Monthly live group Q&As via Zoom with either Rachel or Lucy. 

The benefits and content of our 25 Hour Breath Coach Training are suitable for you if you are completely new to breathwork, or if you have previously practiced pranayama or modern modalities.

You work through the course at your own pace - take as little as 2 weeks or up to 6 months. 

You'll be taught over 20 fundamental breath practices and techniques, their specific benefits and when to use them. We will guide you to develop a self breathwork practice and teach you the art of coaching others.

Through embodying these breath practices yourself you'll become a more insightful and transformative coach for others. 

Some people will be joining simply to expand their own breath practice to nourish their physical, mental and energetic health.

Others will be looking to pass on these tools on to their clients to become and more insightful, accessible and transportive coach for others, as well as generating a more sustainable income for themselves and their coaching or healing business.

Check out the training modules and content below.



This course is currently being offered as a "Self-Study Course", which means you can start the course as soon as you sign up, rather than wait for the next official start date.


The difference between the two is that when we have an official start date everyone has access to the course on the same date. With the Self-Study Course, you can start as soon as you purchase the course and you have 6 month to complete it if you want to receive the certification at the end. 

You can also join our monthly live group Q&As with either Rachel or Lucy via Zoom as soon as you start the training. This is where you can ask any questions you have about the breath practices, teaching others, share your experience or anything else you'd like to discuss with Rachel or Lucy. 

The content of the course, including the daily practices, teaching assignments, and lectures remains the same whether you start the course now or if you were to start on one of our official start dates. You can also watch the recordings of all the previous live Q&As and gain support through our extensive FAQs, which contain the answers to all the questions in the previous 4 trainings.


Our growing community of Breath Coach alumni are often keen and willing to support current students in the Facebook Group if you want to share your experience or ask a question. Should you require any technical support our team is available to help you via email. Rachel and Lucy pop into the group now and again to offer support as well.


As with all our students, you will have 6 months to complete the course from the day you join. The shortest amount of time that you can complete the course is still 2 weeks. You will receive the qualification upon successful completion of the course.

Francesca Josephine Goodwin

“This has been a really transformational course for me. I have learnt so much about myself in a short space of time and can't wait to continue the journey, on a personal, as well as from a career perspective."

Shriyanka Harrison 

"I feel confident to teach others after this course, which is not always an easy thing to come by with teacher trainings. I highly recommend studying under this legendary duo, I'm soooo happy I did!"


Julia Diepenbruck

"I loved the course with Rachel and Lucy. They are knowledgeable, fun, calm and very supportive teachers."

Paul Barnat 

"This has been amazing and inspiring, and has opened up my mind to the possibilities of sharing and helping more people other than just the local city."

Hannah Nicholls 

"The teaching and support offered by Rachel and Lucy has been incredible... always offering detailed answers and wisdom"


Alice Piere 

"Lucy and Rachel are a Pandora's box of knowledge and wisdom. The take away's of this course go beyond the breath itself - I've been able to deepen my healing and manifest my dream career"


Are you ready to experience, embody and coach transformative breath practices?

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6x Monthly Payments



Hi, I'm Rachel!

A Yoga-Teacher, Breath Coach, Manifestation & Abundance Coach and Wellness Entrepreneur.

I've been teaching yoga around the globe for 9 years and sharing the message of Breathwork for over 7 years, having studied with some of the world leaders of breathwork including Dan Brule and Stig Severinsen.

Early on in my career as a Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, I began to recognise the importance of breath-centred practices. Seeing many students create radical shifts using the power of breath to support their physical, mental and emotional health.

By understanding the subtle shifts, changes and anatomy of the breath, we begin to attune to what our body, mind & spirit is calling for.

With love, Rachel

Hi, I’m Lucy!

As well as an experienced Breath Coach and Wellness Entrepreneur, I am also a passionate about passing on the tools of Yin Yoga, Hatha, Ayurveda and 5 Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I was first introduced to breathing techniques as a singer throughout my teenage years. Later discovering the more subtle practices from yoga tradition. Over the years I've become interested in more modern modalities too, recently training in free-diving techniques.

Breath has become the basis of all my physical practices and classes. As I witnessed more stress and lack of awareness in my clients breathwork has become a fundamental tool to facilitate transformational change.

With love, Lucy

Teach your clients, students, friends and family


All the breathing exercises you'll learn are accessible for anyone. They are simple but facilitate profound health benefits. After this course you'll be able to guide your clients, colleagues, students, family and friends through the same breath techniques and practices you've embodied so they can experience the same shifts as well.

You won't need any fancy equipment, they'll just need a quiet place to sit and your undivided attention.

Integrate Breathwork into your business


Breathwork is a often the missing modality for coaches, teachers and healers.  Which ever you’re working with your clients, the breath is a fundamental and accessible tool for everyone's healing and growth. 

Whether the breath practices are coupled with your own methods and techniques, or given as a stand alone method, breathwork can be integrated into your one-on-one or group sessions, or given to your clients and students for deeper healing at home.

The results? Your clients become more connected to their bodies, experience greater healing and are empowered to take an active part in their own growth.



Our gift to you!

You'll receive access to customisable marketing material that disclose years of teaching and business experience so you can hit the ground running and see your return on investment immediately, should you want to.


➕ Ready-made and downloadable workshop and presentation PDFs and formats for you to use or customise for your own offerings

➕ Fundamental marketing and business strategies that we've used individually as breath coaches

➕ Monthly live group online Q&As with Rachel or Lucy

➕ Fine tune your coaching toolkit and skills

➕ The fundamentals of building a community and client base, both in-person and online

➕ The mindset of a successful wellness professional

➕ Gain the tools to break through your own glass ceiling professionally and personally

➕ Discover the essential mindset shifts to bring in more abundance and create greater impact

Rachael Haylett

"This has been an eye-opener for me personally. I never knew there were so many simple techniques that can be used to help ourselves (and others!), whether we need a pick-me-up or to calm down."

Ellie Ritchie

"I have learnt the beauty in the simplicity of breath work... This course has taught me that the most stripped back and seemingly simple techniques can have such profound benefits. The fact that you can easily introduce them into your life is amazing"

Kat Maeda

"Lucy and Rachel's breathwork course is amazing. The course will enhance anyone's health through this training and it is an excellent certification to have as a coach for anyone in the holistic or wellness field."

Cecilia Jacobsson

"I loved everything about this course. It has inspired me in so many ways. I can recommend it to everyone who is looking to deepen their own practice or want to start a business within breath coaching."

Tanya Cooper

"Lucy and Rachel have offered an accessible, engaging, and content-rich breath coaching program. I found the course content really interesting and Lucy and Rachel offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Martine Tseung

"Lucy and Rachel put a lot of effort and care into creating a comprehensive, easy to navigate, and well-explained online course that is accessible to all! Thank you, it was an incredible learning journey!"

Are you ready to experience, embody and coach transformative breath practices?

A One-Time Payment



3x Monthly Payments



6x Monthly Payments



Learn online, but be seen,

feel heard and create connection, just like an in-person training.


Our Online Breath Coach Training gives you the opportunity to study, experience and integrate a breath practice into your own routine, anywhere in the world.

The most authentic way to coach is to teach from your own experience. As you develop your own breath practice you’ll feel a deeper connection to subtle levels of your experience, increased awareness, more energy and the tools to guide you towards greater health. 

This course offers a combination of pre-recorded online videos and practices, written documents and live monthly Q&A sessions with Rachel or Lucy. During the live Q&A sessions you have the chance to ask questions and gain greater insight.   

If you can't make the live recording, you can either ask your question in our active and supportive Facebook Group, or send us the question and we will answer it during the next live Q&A ready for you to watch it in the recording afterwards.

All live calls will be saved on the private Facebook Group, which you will have access to indefinitely. You will also have access to all the previous and future live Q&A sessions.

You will be guided through breath practices at home via pre-recorded videos, and taken through a step-by-step toolkit to practice guiding and coaching others.

At the end of the training, you will submit a video of you coaching a simple breath practice to a client and a second video of you explaining the benefits of breathwork. Don't worry - we will guide you every step of the way throughout the course so that your coaching demonstrations come naturally and effortlessly.

Certificate Requirements


A minimum of 25 hours of combined practice and study is  required to complete this course. The shortest amount of time you can complete this is 2 weeks, but you can take up to 6 months to complete if you want/need to take your time.

Throughout the course you are required to incorporate a twice daily personal breath practice, daily reflective journaling, and will start to practice coaching basic breath techniques from day one. You will use Toggl to track your self-practice and coaching practice, as these hours count towards your 25 hour certificate.

At the end of the course you'll be asked to submit 2 video demonstration videos along with a short quiz. Don't worry, by the end of the course you will have had so much practice that this will be easy peasy! 


It is important to make clear that neither Rachel Fearnley or Lucy Foster-Perkins are doctors and are not qualified to diagnose specific health or breathing-related ailments.  If you are concerned about whether you are eligible to take this course due to health concerns then we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before buying and taking part in the course. Rachel and Lucy can not give refunds after the course has been bought due to health issues, though the course can be passed on to a friend or family member.  This course is open to everyone and each breath can be modified to suit the practitioner if needs be.


During this course you will not be taught advanced breath practices such as rebirthing, holotropic breathwork or circular breathing. We are focusing on the fundamental breath practices that are accessible to everyone and that can be coached straight after the training.

For more information please visit our Terms and Conditions  

Are you ready to experience, embody and coach transformative breath practices?

A One-Time Payment



3x Monthly Payments



6x Monthly Payments



Wanting to dive deeper?


If your desire is to become both a Breath Coach AND Yin Yoga teacher then we'd love to offer you a $394 discount for committing to both trainings. Click on the link to find out more and to start a deeper transformation.

Choose the investment option which best suits you:

1X Payment of $1100
3x Instalments of $400
6x Instalments of $219