90 min VIP Business Analysis and Strategy Session

Want to hit the ground running with your coaching or teaching business?

I Do!

We recognise that many coaches, healers and teachers, like you, are in the earlier stages of entrepreneurship (or early in putting yourself online) and although you're eager to hit the ground running, investing in a full 3 - 6 month business programme with a business coach may simply just not be an option right now.


Our 90 minute Business Analysis and Strategy Session is a fast track to creating a tangible road map for the next steps in your coaching or teaching business so you can realise your dreams quicker and more easily.


This session is an opportunity for Rachel or Lucy to take a peak inside your business (or business idea if you haven't created on yet) and to understand your deepest desires where you'd like to be in the next 6-12 months, and beyond. Rachel or Lucy will then give you grounded, tangible, actionable steps forward and help point out any necessary energetic tweaks to help you FLOURISH and achieve your goals.


This 90 minutes power session will help you to;

  • Collapse your timelines to achieving your goals
  • Prevent pitfalls
  • Observe and work through your blindspots that are preventing you from bringing in more clients and income
  • Tweak your energetics & strategy that will change the growth of your business forever

The areas that you may explore with Rachel or Lucy are;

  • How to get more clients
  • What you are currently offering, what else you could offer
  • What your niche is and who your ideal clients are
  • How your offerings may be scalable
  • What you current marketing strategy is (if you have one and if you don't then we'll help you create one) and how you can create a more efficient and effective one (with less work!)
  • What energetic shifts do you need to make in order to receive more clients and income
  • And more...

By the end of the session together you will have co-created a custom and implementable 3 month road map for you to take action in your business.




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When you buy our 90 min VIP Business Analysis and Strategy Session we will send out a 90 Minute VIP Business Analysis and Strategy Session Intake Form so you can tell us more about where you're at with your business right now and where you'd like to be in the future.

This gives us a chance to stalk you on social media and check out your website (if you have one) to help us to create a road map with you to realise your dreams.

We will then arrange a time and date with you and either Rachel or Lucy for you to meet on Zoom.  Slots are limited per month.


Hi, we’re Rachel Fearnley and Lucy Foster-Perkins, co founders of The Whole Health Project and The Pineapple House, Bali - our Surf, Yoga and Retreat centre in Bali, Indonesia.

With 2 successful 6 figure businesses under our belts and as breath coaches, yoga teachers and meditation teachers (who have taught across the world) we have navigated the wellness business space for collectively over 20 years.

Over the years, we’ve both learnt how to build a business from the ground up and turn our passion into profit.  We’ve learned through trial and error, online courses (some better than others!) and also received valuable mentorship from successful business owners in the field of health and wellness.  

We don’t want to keep the valuable tools, techniques and information to ourselves - we want to pass it on to you, which is why we’ve created a series of business courses and mentorships to give us the opportunity to help you to thrive and grow in your own business.

We’re passionate about supporting other passionate and ambitious coaches, healers and teachers, like you, to create your own thriving business as we know that your work is important and needed in this world.

Our 90 minute Business Analysis and Strategy Session is an opportunity for you to get thorough, personalised support in the shortest amount of time. We can’t wait to dive in with you and help you to bring your business and dream to life!

What this is:

✔️ An opportunity for you to have an experienced business owner take a peak into your business and give you actionable & clear guidance on your next steps

✔️ An intensive experience where rapid growth can flow from

What this is not:

✖️ A done-for-you experience, we'll make the suggestions and it's up to you to implement

✖️ Continued support post call - this is a 1 time intensive session, if you are desiring our support over a longer period of time we can chat about how we can support you

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