The 2 Best Somatic Coaching Certifications

Jan 24, 2023
Somatic Coaching

The 2 Best Somatic Coaching Certifications


If you have been pondering taking a leap into the world of somatic coaching, then you’ve landed in the right place.


The somatic coaching industry is growing fast, and rightly so. Mindset coaching which has dominated the coaching space for a long time now, doesn’t encompass the whole picture, the whole human.


The 2 Best Somatic Coaching Certifications are:


  1. The Somatic Institute for Women
  2. Pause Somatic Coaching Certification 


Somatic coaching is becoming the desired way to work with the whole human, rather than simply addressing issues of the mind and the way we think.


What is Somatic Coaching?


A somatic coaching certification supports you to take individuals and groups through powerful, sustainable changes in their lives.


Soma is the Greek word for body. 


The practice of somatics is a deep dive into knowing oneself and the world around. The clearer we are on who we are at our core, the clearer we can move through the world, align with our purpose and live a life of authenticity, joy and freedom.


Somatic coaching focuses on body based transformation, using therapeutic and sensation based ways to support self exploration and transformation, supporting your clients towards greater liberation and freedom as they unshackle themselves from ways of being that have been inherently holding them back from living in full alignment with the truth of who they are.


By dropping into embodied intelligence we move beyond intellectualisation and experience a deep connection to intuition.


Somatic coaching can be a stand alone certification or it can be added to an existing toolbelt of coaching or teaching modalities like breath coaching


What’s the average salary of a somatic coach?


There are many different factors that come together to determine how much a somatic coach makes, but you can typically make between $40,000 USD to $150, 000 annually depending on how you price and construct your offerings.


If you are looking for support to grow and expand your coaching or teaching business click here.


The 2 Best Somatic Coaching Certifications


1. The Somatic Institute for Women



This year-long Somatic Educator Training for Women, facilitated by Maanee Chrystal, a registered somatic psychotherapist, and a lineup of over 14 incredible co-facilitators, is 100% online. 


This certification program is exclusively for people born into female bodies who identify as women.


Though you will acquire the skills & tools that will prepare you to become a deeply attuned and grounded leader with the ability to host retreats, workshops, and 1:1 sessions specialising in themes that center female body intelligence, trauma awareness, shadow work, nervous system health, somatic dance therapy, the Feminine & more,  It is not the skills, teachings or techniques that you share but who you are, that educates others into new possibilities & new ways of being. 


This training is not only an internationally accredited certification, teaching you how to apply the trauma-informed somatic skills to your current work (or start a whole new path as a somatic educator!) but most importantly it’s a PERSONAL JOURNEY, with the potential to redefine not only how you experience yourself but all aspects of your life.


Principles of Education:

  • Trauma and Nervous System Health
  • Somatic Psychology
  • Erotic Intelligence
  • Non-Dual Meditation
  • Embodied Leadership
  • The Deep Feminine Mysteries
  • Sexual Sovereignty
  • Menstrual Cycle Wisdom
  • Shadow work


The Modules:

  • Module 1: The Foundations
  • Module 2: Trauma-informed & Somatic Facilitation Skills
  • Module 3: Somatic Feminine intelligence
  • Module 4: Shadow Side of the Feminine
  • Module 5: Erotic Individuation
  • Module 6: Accessing Your Genius & Feminine-Centred Business

This is an incredible course to take, it will offer you a solid base from which to explore your own unique take on the world of somatics and it will be a personal journey that has the capacity to truly alter the trajectory of your own life. Use coupon code WHOLEHEALTH to receive a 5% discount on the course investment


See Somatic Institute for Women


The next year-long program begins February 15th, 2023.


2. Pause Somatic Coaching Certification



The Pause Somatic Coaching Certification is a 6-month journey to train you to become a masterful somatic coach who knows how to guide clients through body-based transformation that liberates them into deeper states of embodiment and freedom. This program is intentionally designed for you to become an expert at facilitating energetic transformation for your clients so that they can experience joy, fulfillment, alignment, and much more!


This program will train you to facilitate lasting transformation using The Somatic System™ and Pauses Signature Somatic Coaching Method.


The Somatic System™ is a revolutionary method that uses the intelligence of the body to create lasting change. It is a holistic, integrative approach that goes beyond just mindset work and gets to the root cause of what is holding people back from achieving their highest potential.


Content Preview:

  • The Pause Somatic System
  • The Pause Somatic Session
  • The Pause Energetic Maps
  • Somatic Parts Work
  • Somatic Inner Child Work
  • Energetic Alchemy & Alignment
  • Healing with sound, breath, and movement
  • Pain Integration
  • Elements of the energetic centers
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Tracking & attunement
  • And much more!


This is an amazing course, shorter than The Somatic Institute for Women, so if you are looking for a shorter certification to get you rolling then this could be the course for you. It is also open to all genders.


The next training begins February 2023


See Pause Somatic Coaching Certificate 


What’s the next step for working as a Somatic Coach?


After completing your certification as a Somatic Coach, you will be able to look for either jobs working as a Somatic Coach or begin your own private coaching business.


You will be able to offer both in person and online sessions as well as 1:1, group, workshops, and retreats.


If you are looking for further support to help your business to flourish, we would love to support you!



With this clear, helpful information about Somatic Coaching with some incredible highly reputable schools to choose from, this will hopefully help you to feel clearer in your decision.


Somatic coaching is truly the future of the coaching industry and will not only benefit your clients but also you immensely.