Why We Exclude Circular Breathing from Our 35-Hour Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training

Feb 26, 2024

Have you ever wondered if our 35-hour Online Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training includes dynamic practices like continuous circular breathing (also known as holotropic breathing and rebirthing breathing)?


Continuous circular breathing, characterized by rhythmic inhaling and exhaling without pauses, is renowned for inducing altered states of consciousness and emotional release. While transformative, it's crucial to understand that this technique isn't universally suitable.


Though these circular breathing methods are impactful, they may not align with everyone. In fact, individuals with undetected breathing dysfunctions or trauma might find cathartic breath techniques more detrimental than beneficial.


Simply put, without proper facilitation, there's a risk of negatively affecting your student or client's mental state. Therefore, dynamic breathwork requires a thorough, extended study, typically spanning several months or even years.


However, circular breathing isn't the sole breath practice with a profound impact on your student's life. Often, a subtler and gentler approach proves more effective. These accessible practices can be executed in the moment and independently practiced by your students once they grasp the technique.


At The Whole Health Project, Rachel and I prioritise nurturing our students to become breath coaches equipped to recognise dysfunctions and guide individuals through resolution. Our years of experience underline the importance of establishing a robust foundation and deep understanding of how breathwork uniquely affects individuals.


If, like us, you are passionate about utilising coaching and healing modalities to transform lives safely and compassionately, consider joining our self-study Online Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training here.


With love,
Lucy and Rachel