Invest in yourself and your future by becoming both a Breath Coach & Yin Yoga Teacher.


A life-changing mind, body and heart opening opportunity for coaches and healers who want to learn to work with nature’s rhythms, experience transformative techniques and develop holistic offerings to support the wellbeing of themselves and their clients through the power of Breathwork and Yin Yoga

Enrolment Update


We have adapted our trainings so that they are "Self-Study" in response to the high demand. This means you can start straight away and complete both courses in your own time within 12 months.

Join our incredible and growing community of

200+ Breath Coaches and 100+ Yin Yoga Teachers

 This opportunity is for you if...


  • You know you want to join our 25-Hour Breath Coach Training AND Yin Yoga Teacher Training to upgrade your knowledge, inner world and offering suite
  • You want to deepen your understanding of how the subtle power of breath and stillness of yoga can be used to facilitate profound transformation
  • You’re looking for offerings that cultivate self-awareness, and transform your client’s physical and mental wellbeing

And if...

  • You want to immerse yourself in trainings that will enhance your ability to support your clients on their ‘inner journey’ as well as physical body
  • You can clearly see the benefit of offering Yin Yoga and Breath Coaching as modalities that are accessible to people of all backgrounds and ages
  • You want to integrate Breathwork and Yin Yoga into your current wellness offerings so you can create deeper transformations for your clients, and bring more income and abundance into your business
  • You want to experience, embody and teach others transformative Yin Yoga and Breath practices to your students and clients online or in-person.

Imagine if...


✔️ You had a suite of holistic offerings that allowed you to build a sustainable, scalable business

✔️ You could work from anywhere, on your own schedule, in a career that transforms and impacts the lives of others

✔️ You were able to create the space to calm and balance your body and mind, to reduce any stress and anxiety

✔️ You had the tools to make healing an accessible journey for your clients, and could offer deep healing through Yin & Breath coaching.


The The Breath and Yin Yoga Bundle gives you access to The Whole Health Project’s upcoming 25 Hour Breath Coach Training AND 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training. By investing in both trainings (and more importantly, yourself!) you will dive into the transformative and impactful practices and exercises for both you, and your clients.

Both trainings give you accessible and invaluable tools to add to your offering to your clients and your coaching or healing business.



Discover the vast scope and benefits of breathwork and become a transformative Breath Coach.

Our online 25-hour training can be completed at your own pace - take as little as 2 weeks or up to 6 months. 

You'll learn over 20 fundamental breath practices and techniques, the specific benefits, and when to use them. We'll guide you to develop a self-breathwork practice and teach you the art of coaching others.

Through embodying these breath practices yourself you'll become a more insightful and transformative coach for others.

Training includes a monthly live Q&A with Rachel or Lucy to ask any questions that arise during the training.

Access to our elite Facebook community. 

Self Study:

Start straight away

(6 months to complete)


Explore the stillness of life, and your relationship with the cycles of nature.

Our 50-hour Yoga Alliance registered course will guide you through reflective Yin Yoga, meditation and gentle breath work practices to help you truly experience what it feels like to embody the subtle and profound “yin” principles.

Learn to work with nature's rhythms and lessons,  create space in your body and the mind. As you reflect on your inner landscape you’ll learn to cultivate the tools to navigate life's turbulence with more ease and grace, and to facilitate this same journey for others.

Training includes a monthly live Q&A with Rachel or Lucy to ask any questions that arise during the training

Access to our elite Facebook community 

Self Study:

Start straight away

(6 months to complete)

"a mind-, body-, and heart-opening experience" ...

“I read that they were offering a breath coach training AND a yin teacher training online, and although I wasn’t particularly aiming to teach yin yoga, I felt the nudge from the universe and signed up for both. What started as a random search online ended up being a mind-, body-, and heart-opening experience that I am so grateful for!”

- Brittanie, Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach.
Breath Coach & Yin Yoga Training Alumni




We've created The Breath and Yin Yoga Bundle to support those who are ready to dive into deeper transformation for themselves and evolution for their coaching or healing offerings and business.

Experience profound personal shifts and transformation while you gain the tools to facilitate the same for your clients and community.



SAVING: $394


Choose the investment option which best suits you:

3x Installments of $400
6x Instalments of $219
1 Payment of $1100