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Fix Your Client's Breathing Dysfunctions 

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Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd November 9-9.45am UK time | 5-5.45pm Singapore time.

This 3 part Breathing Dysfunctions Masterclass is for you if you want to learn more about Breathing Dysfunctions, how to spot and resolve them, not only in yourself, but for your students and clients as well...

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This 3 part Breathing Dysfunctions Masterclass is for you if you want to learn more about Breathing Dysfunctions, how to spot and resolve them, not only in yourself, but for your students and clients as well. 

We’re Lucy Foster-Perkins and Rachel Fearnley, friends, business partners and creators of The Whole Health Project and our 35 Hour Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training.  

For all the years that we’ve been teaching breathwork the topic that has hit hardest among our clients and students is Breathing Dysfunctions.  

SO many of our students come away from our Breathing Dysfunctions part of our course saying “I didn’t realise I had a breathing dysfunction and now I’m finally able to resolve it!”, or “I didn’t know the fundamentals of breathing - how it works and what the purpose of breathing actually is. I can't believe that I've never really considered it before!”

Our students then go on to learn how to spot breathing dysfunctions in their clients’ and how to take them through practices that bring awareness and to resolve the dysfunction. 

Seeing as this is such a hot topic we’ve decided to deliver this FREE 3 - part Breathing Dysfunctions Masterclass so that you can learn the importance of breathing functionally, WHY so many people have breathing dysfunctions, HOW it’s affecting their lives and HOW to resolve them.

P.s at the end of this Breathing Dysfunction Masterclass we will be announcing an exclusive discount for our Breath Coach Training which will BIGGER than our Black Friday discount and only available on Thursday 23rd November.  Join the Masterclass to avoid missing out.

P.p.s Can't make it live? We'll send the recording to everyone who signs up so you won't miss out!

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This isn’t just a “sit and learn” masterclass. After each day you’ll have relevant and practical homework for you to take away so that you can embody the practices yourself and start practising teaching others straight away.


Here’s a run down of the 3 days;

Tuesday 21st November, Day 1; 

1. Intro to Breathing Dysfunctions and why we have them

2. A glimpse into how trauma can affect your breathing

3. Symptoms that can indicate that someone has a breathing dysfunction

4. Look at functional breathing - how the diaphragm works and how the breath should change depending on what you’re doing.

Wednesday 22nd November, Day 2; 

1. Closer look into common breathing dysfunctions

2. Integration - practices to tackle main breathing dysfunctions


Thursday 23d November, Day 3;

1. Ways in which breath dysfunctions may present themselves

2. Teaching practices and how to introduce breathing techniques to clients

3. Teaching techniques for you to take away

BONUS; at the end of the Masterclass we'll be announcing an exclusive HUGE discount (bigger than our Black Friday discount) for our Breath Coach Training. This discount will be available to use on Thursday 23rd November ONLY. 

Psst you don’t have to be a breath coach to join!

Maybe you’re a parent and want to make sure your kids get off to a great start in relation to their breathing. Maybe you own a company and want to make sure your colleagues and employees can manage stress better?  Maybe you’re a funeral director and want to offer breathwork for your clients (true story, a funeral director has completed our Breath Coach Training and is now using breathwork to create a safer and healing space for her clients!). 

Or maybe you’re a coach and want to ensure your clients’ healing and integration isn’t limited by their breath.

Breathing Dysfunctions show up in so many people but they are easily resolvable with the right practices.  We hope you join us to enjoy the freedom of functional breathing for yourself and to affect tangible change for your friends, family, students and clients!

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Lucy and Rachel x