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Heal Your Life From The Inside Out, 10-Day Video Course

This 10-day short course looks at how breathing functions can be the underlying reason why the body isn't able to heal.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, chronic pain or IBS, perhaps you often feel breathless or maybe you noticed that don’t take deep enough breaths and you just have a sense that your breathing isn’t ‘quite right’…

Working with the breath, understanding its function and reminding your body how to breathe optimally is without a doubt a life changing practice. Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans will have some form of dysfunctional breathing pattern, that, left unattended can not only exacerbate health challenges but can also cause them in the long term.

Once you’ve gone through this course, your breath WILL have changed. How much and how long term is down to you and how much you commit to these practices, but even a tiny change over the long term will have huge benefits on your mental & physical health.