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Trauma Aware Facilitation Training

Are you wanting to have a better idea what trauma is, how it can show up in your clients and students, and how to support them within your role as a coach, teacher or facilitator?

The course includes:

What is trauma

  • The difference between Trauma Informed, Trauma Aware and Trauma Sensitive
  • How does trauma show up
  • How to spot trauma in your students or clients
  • The Trauma Spectrum
  • How we define different types of trauma
  • Trauma in children
  • Basic understanding of the Stages of Development in children 

Stress and Trauma

  • Basic understanding of the nervous system and nervous system regulation
  • Basic understanding of trauma and the brain
  • Trauma and the mind, emotions & body

Trauma Aware Facilitation

  • How we define Trauma Aware Facilitation
  • Scope of competence
  • Dealing with clients’ triggers
  • Dealing with a client’s emotional release
  • Trauma and reactivation
  • Flashbacks
  • Referring out

Creating Safe Spaces

  • Self Regulation
  • Power Dynamics
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Sensitive tone and language
  • Content and touch
  • Creating inclusivity 

Trauma care 101

  • Basic Trauma Aware First Aid
  • First signs of trauma
  • Accessible and relevant Breathwork, Meditation practices and Yoga practices


What People Are Saying:

Rachel and Lucy made this course easy to follow, comprehensive and extremely interesting. I feel confident to teach others after this course, which is not always an easy thing to come by with teacher trainings. I highly recommend studying under this legendary duo, I'm soooo happy I did!

Shriyanka Harrison

I have learnt the beauty in the simplicity of breath work. At the start of my journey with breath work I was fascinated by and wanted to explore techniques with the longest holds or what I perceived as the most advanced. Although I still find that interesting, this course has taught me that the most stripped back and seemingly simple techniques can have such profound benefits. The fact that you can easily introduce them into your life is amazing!

Ellie Ritchie

Lucy and Rachel have an amazing energy that allows the group to connect from all around the world creating a global community. This has been amazing and inspiring, and has opened up my mind to the possibilities of sharing and helping more people other than just the local city, leading me to looking into creating a similar online platform alongside my stress less workshops, wellness retreats and coaching.

Paul Barnat