The Silva Method and how I’ve used it

Apr 01, 2023

Hi, Lucy here. I’m sharing a new method I’ve been playing with for the last few months as I know that, as a yogi, healer, coach, or someone who is curious about creating an extraordinary life, this will be right up your street!


Manifestation techniques are not entirely new to me (if you’ve been following my story at The Whole Health Project or on my personal social media you’ll know I went through a whoooole process to bring in my partner and our daughter, Leia, into my life) but I when I was introduced to The Silva Method I learnt that this was one of the OGs of manifestation and had been around for a while.


What is The Silva Method?

The Silva Method is a self-help program developed by Jose Silva in the 1960s. It is a form of meditation and visualisation technique that aims to help individuals achieve a state of deep relaxation and access their inner potential.  The method involves a series of mental exercises, which include visualisation, self-hypnosis, and positive affirmations, that are designed to reprogram the subconscious mind and improve one's overall well-being.


The Silva Method is based on the belief that the mind (the conscious mind and the unconscious mind) has the power to heal the body, and that by accessing a deeper level of consciousness, individuals can tap into their innate abilities and achieve their goals.  It’s taught through workshops, seminars, and online courses, and is practised by millions of people around the world. 


Despite my fascination with manifestation and my experience of its power, I had no idea who Jose Silva was and his method, so I decided to dive in! He seemed like a cool guy and the results that his students have experienced are extraordinary! 


I signed up for MindValley’s course “The Silva Ultramind System”, and carved out a short amount of time in my day to listen and follow the bite-sized daily lessons (this was my biggest challenge as my baby was 6 months and I don’t have an abundance of time as I used to when I was single and childless!) and chose a few areas of my life I wanted to focus on - namely to increase financial abundance for me and my family. 


The course instantly helped me to connect the dots of the various manifestation techniques I’ve practised before, but I could also relate it to meditation and breath practices I had used before. The technique left both familiar and exciting as I began to learn how to put more structure into my practices


For instance, there’s a technique to visualise and bring in;

  • Your 3-year plan
  • Your short-term dreams
  • Your day-to-day tasks
  • Healing a specific part of your body
  • Healing someone else’s body or even a pet!
  • Becoming better at a specific skill


And more! 


Did it work?


This is the exciting part…


Shortly after focusing my attention on my goal with The Silva Method (bringing in more abundance to me and my family), something awesome happened… Ideas and realisations of what needs to change in our company began to drop in - and not just to me, but to Rachel, my business partner, as well!  


And BOOM! Revenue started to shift - and in a big way! Our next month was the biggest income we’ve had in a long while and it’s been GROWING since then! I could see my visualisation materialising right in front of my eyes! 


So, what’s next?


I feel I’ve only just scratched the surface of where The Silva Method can take me, but I’m SO excited to find what else will begin to drop into my life.  


The main thing is that I feel empowered and encouraged to shift my life in a way that is aligned with my biggest dreams and deepest desires. I feel I understand HOW and WHY manifestation works and how to use it to not only better my life but, more importantly, those around me and the global community as a whole. 


If you’re curious about The Silva Method I highly recommend it. Here’s where you can find out more and dive in yourself if you’re curious. 


Find out more about The Silva Method here


Lucy x